• Roads and traffic

Emergency roadside assistance in case of fuel run-out, flat tire change, breakdown, auto lockout, or minor mechanical disablements.

Quick shopping at grocery stores, pharmacies, among other places.

Short drives such as doctor’s visits, rides for kids to-and-from school, dentist, football etc.

‘Friendly driver’ to drive cars back home after drinks and parties.

• Handyman

Furniture, carpet, and home appliance moving and rearranging.

Picture hanging.

Clothesline, curtain, door seal, and pet screen installation.

Knob and handle change.

Pre and post-move furniture assembly and disassembly.

• Cleaning

Cars and motorcycles.

Carpets and sofas.





• Waste disposal

Old and used electronics wastes.

Old and broken furniture wastes.

Yard rubble.

Disposable materials.

Other homes’ and businesses’ unused objects.

• Electronic Solutions

Home internet network installation.

Antenna installation support.

Programming and installation of electronics such as TVs and laptops.

• Pet care

Pet grooming.

Dog walking.

Pet sitting while house owners are traveling or are away for a long period of time.

• Parties

Barbecues and family, friends, or corporate get-togethers.

Birthday parties.

Special menus for diets, healthy eating, traditional cuisine etc.

Freezer cooking for the week.

• Home

Home care while house owners are traveling or are away for a long period of time.

Plant watering.

Newspapers and correspondences collection.

Pet care.

Turning lights on and off.

Post-storm inspection.

Rental property cleaning and maintenance with inspection before and after keys handover.

• Janitorial

Gardening ‒ vases and bed pruning, planting and fertilizing.

Pool cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning of yards, sports courts, among other spaces.

• Conventional support

Simple electrical repairs.

Simple hydraulic repairs.

Simple masonry repair.

Simple house painting repair.

• Special services

Tailoring and sewing.






Pre and post-moving cleaning.

Pre and post-party cleaning.

Caregiver of the elderly.


Receptionist for events.

Caregiver of the Elderly.


Receptionist for events.

• Education

Technology classes on how to use the computer and mobile devices.

Tutoring and supplemental instruction.

Homework help and tutoring.

• Outsourced First Response





Gutter installers.

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